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The Joy of Greyhound Racing and Training

Joy of greyhound racing

The joy of greyhound racing and training .There is lot of joy and happiness training a greyhound pup from an early age until it is old enough to compete and contest in greyhound races either at licensed or unlicensed tracks throughout the country.

Most greyhounds pups from an early age will try to chase and catch any thing that moves and the best way to get them to get really interested is to play with them with an old duster or something similar that gets there attention or get them to chase after it .Lots of independent greyhound trainers take there pups to the track at a very early age and with permission of the track owner or handicapper allowing the pups to watch trials of the adult dogs chasing the dummy lure.The trainers will continue to allow the pups to watch these trials until they show lots of interest in wanting to have a go at chasing the dummy lure themselves .


The next step usually at about 11 months of age is they will be hand slipped around 1 or 2 bends chasing the lure and trying to catch i. They will continue this type of training until the young greyhound will chase keenly around 4 bends without faltering or stopping.

The next part is sometime considered the most difficult and that is to introduce the pup to chase the lure from a trap or box.The way most trainers achieve this is to have the front and rear of trap opened and let the pup walk though it until it knows it has nothing to fear from the trap.

The next step is to drive the lure past the trap and let the pup run though the open trap to chase the lure.After a few times of the pup doing this and showing no fear it is time to close the front of the trap and trigger the trap when the lure passes allowing the pup to chase the lure home when the trap lid lifts.After a few times of doing this the pups confidence will be great and its now time to close the front and back of the trap and allow the pup to chase the lure when it is driven past the trap.All of your hard work and patience will hopefully have paid off and you have achieved the hardest part of pup training .

The next stage can be so rewarding when you trial your pup now maybe 15 months old against another greyhound, possibly a slower older dog .If your pup has been schooled properly ,with a bit of patience he will surely win this trial and that will boost the confidence of both pup and trainer .We are nearly there but not quite. The pup now has to run a series of qualifying trials and achieve a time for the handicapper to qualify and judge him on what he has seen.All you patience will be rewarded when you go to the race meeting to watch your pup having his first race,maybe he will win or not ,but it has been an enjoyable journey to get to this point. This is the joy of greyhound training and racing.