best baby cribs

Best Baby Cribs

Ok so your wife or partner is pregnant and you are looking to find the best baby cribs? When it comes to having a baby, there is always budgeting involved. Whether your new family member is already came into the world or you know they are on their way, it’s definitely time to start planning. Babies, especially the first one, will definitely turn your life upside down, there is no doubt about it. It changes your life.

With babies, you definitely need to budget. There will be some big purchases to be made as well as small

Some of the big ones include:

Baby stroller

Baby crib

Baby car seat

Baby clothes

Best Baby Cribs, Stollers and Car Seats come in different varieties

best baby cribs
Best Baby Cribs

Whilst they do come in a large range of varieties, you will definately find some of the best baby cribs and more out there, top quality of course. You must be very careful. It is best when purchasing such products to find and research first, why? If you end up with a product of inferior quality, not only will you have lost your money, you will be with a product which wont last. Invest in the best. Find nothing but quality for your child. It will last and you will have not wasted your money. Also start talking to those people who have past experience. Do your research online, find out everything you need to know.You might even end up with a stroller or crib from the ‘experience expert’ if they have outgrown that stage.

Always make a budget and stick to it! Marketers are very good at convincing you that your child deserves their product and that money should not be a decision factor. Stick to your own decision and realise that money is important but so is quality.

Baby Crib Examples

As an example we take a look at baby cribs;
You can find a Graco Travel Lite Crib for around USD 70 but you can also find a Graco Pack and Play for more than USD 200! It all depends on what you want to use it for and how many features you really need.
If you want a Graco playard just for travelling, don’t waste money on a full fledge ‘Pack N Play’, besides the fact that it is unnecessary to spend so much money, travelling is going to be troublesome. The unit is heavy and comes with so many features and functions that might not even fit your car! A Travel Lite Crib will do a much better job! It is small, light and easy to take along. This saves you easily USD 130 and a lot of trouble.
Enjoy your planning, budgeting and soon travelling with you newborn baby! And thanks again for reading my post on the best baby cribs.